A Quiet Evening At Home cover

A Quiet Evening at Home

1. The Hens Lay Everyday
2. This Is Not My World
3. Mïlchig
4. Sea Monkeys
5. If You Go Away
6. The Happy Matador
7. Eliza
8. A Quiet Evening At Home
9. Uncle Bumbo’s Christmas
10. The House With The Laughing Windows
11. Aluminum Flies
12. The Birds of Lanark County

Released 2013, Six Shooter Records. Credits: John Tielli, Theremin on The House With The Laughing Windows. Michelle Willis, Backing Vocals on The Birds of Lanark County. George Koller, Bass on If You Go Away. Recorded at Nassau Sound, Engineered by Jeff McMurrich except The House With The Laughing Windows, originally recorded live in concert at the Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, 2007, Recording Producer Franz Lehrbass, and If You Go Away, originally recorded live in concert at the Glenn Gould Studio, 2004, Recording Producer Franz Lehrbass, Recording Engineer Dave Quinney. Mastered by Peter J. Moore at the E Room. Cover painting by Martin Tielli, Layout by Chris Peters. Special thanks to Andrew Burashko and the Art of Time Ensemble, for source and inspiration.

Circo cover


1. Spilling the Wonderful
2. That's What You Get For Having Fun
3. Just Because
4. River
5. Sane, So Sane
6. A Hymn To The Situation
7. Fornica Tango
8. Love Streams
9. Aliens Break A Heart
10. The Italian Singer/Just Because I'm Nick the Buzz

Original release 1996, Dark Light Music. Rerelease 2002, Six Shooter Records. Credits: Michelle Lambert, percussion on tracks 1, 2, 5, 6 and 7. The ensemble on tracks 3, 9 and 10 are: Roberto Occhipinti, Double Bass; Roman Borys, Mary-anne Pack, Maurizio Baccante, David Hetherington, Paul Widner, Peter Rapson, Simon Fryer, Richard Armin, Kirk Worthington, Cellos; David Bourke, Bass Clarinet; Beverly Johnson, Singing Saw. Conducted by Michael J. Baker. Recorded at Digital Sound, Toronto. Engineered by Jeff McMurrich. Mastered by Chris Wardman at Sonic Science. Artwork and Photos by Martin Tielli.

Berlin Cabarets cover

Arnold Schoenberg and the Berlin Cabarets

1. Gigerlette
2. Der genugsame Liebhaber (the Modest Lover)
3. Galathea
4. Arie aus dem Speigel von Arcadien (Aria from the Arcadian Mirror)

Released 2004, Six Shooter Records (limited-edition, Martin Tielli Subscription Series only). Credits: Music by Schoenberg, text by: Gigerlette – Otto Julius Bierbaum; DGL – Hugo Salus; Galathea – Frank Wedekind; Arie – Emanuel Schikaneder. Recorded at Catherine North Studio, Hamilton, ON. Engineered and Mixed by Jeff McMurrich.

Arnold Schoenberg is arguably the most influential figure in 20th century music. Although his name is associated with atonality, he wrote in many styles throughout his life. Schoenberg wrote the Cabaret Songs between 1901 and 1903 while he was eking out a living as a conductor and arranger in a Berlin Cabaret. Little did he know that Nick Buzz would get their hands on them one hundred years later. This project came about when I was programming three portrait concerts of 20th century composers for my Art of Time series in Toronto, one of which focused on Schoenberg. I approached Jonathan Goldsmith to see if Nick Buzz would perform some of the cabaret songs. At first they were somewhat intimidated by the idea – “What do we do? How can we fuck with Schoenberg’s music like that? The audience will hate it.” Eventually they came around. The result is what you hear on this CD. I am pleased and honoured to have been involved in this project, and I believe that Schoenberg himself would have loved this performance. – Andrew Burashko